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Jazz for Beginners

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Have been here since October 1, 1998

Last updated February 15, 2001



Do you have an interest in jazz, but have absolutely NO idea where to start? Hopefully, this site can be of some assistance to you. The information here is strictly my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.  I don't claim to be some type of know-it-all expert. I just like the music and have a real passion for it.  I have been listening to it since 1996.  I made this site after I had been listening to it for 2 years, so I'm pretty new to it myself. The topics are:


Introduction Jazz styles Dudes I dig Recommended CDs
30 Favorite CDs Buying tips Listening tips Audio clips
Coltrane Collage Christmas CDs Jazz Links Credits


Introduction - Why Jazz?  

Jazz styles -  If you don't know what "bebop", "cool jazz", "Dixieland", etc are, you might check this out. 

Dudes I dig - Biographies.

Recommended CDs for starting a collection - Here are 11 and 2 boxed sets.

My top 30 favorite jazz CDs -  Another resource for building a collection.

Tips for buying and sampling Jazz - How to sample jazz, how to purchase it for cheap, tips on buying for specific artists, etc.

Tips for enjoying listening to Jazz - adding a little depth to your pleasurable listening experience.

Audio clips - famous solos on MP3s.

Coltrane Collage - Want a cool background picture for your computer?  Check this out!

Christmas Jazz - Want some "holiday" tunes?  (Pun intended), check this out.

Jazz Links - there is some good stuff out there!

Credits - Without these, this site wouldn't be possible!


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Ella Fitzgerald


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