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Here are some cool jazz links I have found on the web.  In addition to these, if you go to the Dudes I Dig section, there are additional links under each musician's biography.  If you know of some more cool ones, please e-mail me!  Note: Since these are external links, they will open up in a new window.  I cannot guarantee that they are alive.  I check them from time to time, but not THAT frequently.  If the link is dead and you want to learn more, I recommend using a good search engine.


General Jazz Pages:

Ken Burns Jazz - the site for THE jazz event of 2001.

Big Band Database - everything you ever wanted to know about Big Bands from the past and present! - another site dedicated to big bands.

Kansas City Jazz history - great history!

Kansas City Jazz museum - the jazz mecca of the midwest.

Jazzcorner - a really cool site with chat rooms, concert dates, and over 90 biographies.

The True Story of Jazz - a nice site that tells the history. - Jazz before 1930.

Jazz GUrls - links to webpages of many female jazz performers.  Excellent resource!

Sax on the web - a site wholly dedicated to the saxophone -- history of the instrument, biographies of saxophonists, etc.

The Internet Jazz Hall of Fame - biographies, history, etc.

Artists of Jazz - links to web pages for many artists

Jazz Central Station - A site dedicated to jazz.  Lots of biographies.  Also polls, crosswords, etc.

Red, Hot, and Cool - claims it is THE Jazz resource for the net.  They maybe right.  Impressive.  Lots and lots of links!

Jazz links - I think this is a Polish site, but the links are in English.

Drummers on the web - biographies, drum lay-outs and more.

Jazz trumpeters chronological Dictionary - very robust!

Alta Vista - search under their "musicians" section for specific musicians.  Very good!

Yahoo - click here to see Yahoo's listings for "jazz."

Jazz calandar - A cool calander that lists jazz figures' birthdays on each day.  It is put out by the Public Radio Station at St. Lawrence University, New York.

Blue Note Records - I think, overall, Blue Note Records, consistently (for the most part) has turned out excellent music.  You can see biographies,  view tour schedules, buy music, etc. - They have darn near everything!  Not only that, but they have biographies and reviews on just about everybody.  A great place to cruse, even if you're not buying anything!


Pages dedicated to specific musicians:

The Real Mingus Web - The official site of Charles Mingus.

Dave Weckl - The official site

Cassandra Wilson - a fan's tribute

Bobby McFerrin - the Official site

Peter Erskine - the official site