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The pictures and/or biographical information came from the following books:

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Ascension: John Coltrane and his Quest.  By Eric Nesenson. St. Martin's Press. 1993.


Along with the books, information and pictures came from various CDs (too numerous to list!) along with sites on the web, listed under the Links section.



The purpose of this webpage is very simple.  I am not in this for for money.  This has been a labor of love.   It will hopefully give folks a starting point so they can come to appreciate and love jazz.  When I first got into jazz, my sister had quite a few CDs and loaned me good ones to listen to.  From there, I was able to figure out who I liked and was able to further explore those musicians I most enjoyed.  Being a drummer, she also taught me some of the nuances about the music.  Without her, I would never have got into jazz.  For those who aren't able to borrow CDs or have their own resident polyrhythm expert, this site can hopefully can help them get a start into jazz that they may otherwise never receive.