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Jeff "Tain" Watts



L to R: Milt Hinton, Branford Marsalis, Jeff "Tain" Watts



I can't find ANYTHING about this guy.  And he rules!!!  That's the crazy thing!  No pictures, no words, nothing!  I saw him with Kenny Garrett at the 1997 Wichita Jazz Festival and I was blown away.  All I can find is this from Sabian's official site:

In the jazz world, Jeff "‘Tain" Watts is a musical chameleon whose introduction by Wynton Marsalis saw him steeped in traditional directions.  Jeff has played with George Benson, Courtney Pine, McCoy Tyner, Stanley Jordan, and Kevin Eubanks. Moviegoers heard him on the soundtracks of "‘When Harry Met Sally", "Do the Right Thing", and Spike Lee's "Mo' Better Blues". But it was his move to Los Angeles and a stint with Branford Marsalis's Tonight Show Band and Jay Leno that really put Jeff in front of the audience. Jeff's inspired playing continues as he's once again touring the world with Michael Brecker and former Miles sax man Kenny Garrett.

If you can give me ANY info, I'd appreciate it!!!

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